Paul Vosper: Technical Artist

Hell's Canyon 2016

Day 0: The Road to Hell's Canyon

Rockies Book Trail Book Route Proposal The Wrong Road

Day 1: Over Freezeout Saddle

Freezeout Trailhead Winding Wildflowers Rocky Ledge Freezeout Saddle

Freezeout Saddle Freezeout Saddle

Day 2: Along the Snake River

Saddle Creek Campsite Rain for Breakfast Overgrown Trail Snake River

Lunch Spot Snake River Trail Side Trail Snake River Canyon

Day 3: Up Sluice Creek

Waterspout Creek Campsite Kitchen Sink Along the River Sluice Creek

Trail Toll Climbing Rattlesnake Scramble Into the Clouds

Day 4: High Trail

Hat Creek Campsite Horse Ranch Old Forest and New High Trail Vista

Freezeout Saddle Creek Crossing High Trail Wildflowers Looking Back

Day 5: Over the Saddle

Cowboy Campsite Approaching the Saddle Even Steeper The Way Back Down