Paul Vosper: Technical Artist

Note: Part 1/5 in a series documenting my work for a Django project in the Spring of 2017. This was part of the final class for the UW Certificate in Python. All files (including these blog posts) are on GitHub.
2: On Top of the Known Knowns

1: The Path

Every project follows a path from formless chaos to final product. While the product might (or might not) have some monetary value out in the marketplace, the knowledge you gain can and should be the most valuable part of the experience. The product is disposable - the important thing is how you got there.

I’m working on a project for this class. The product will be lines of Python, which can be run on a server to generate a CMS website. I’m making every effort to deliver a quality product, but one novice isn’t going to set the world on fire in ten weeks. The opportunity, for me, is not the final code but the knowledge of how to create it.

To maximize this opportunity, I have to learn as much as I can along the way. The class certainly provides structure, guidance and knowledge resources - but I have a responsibility to get the most out of this experience. I need to put an emphasis on comprehension, without losing sight of the projects goals - and deadlines.

For me, this means documenting not only how the product works - but how the project works as well.

The class is ten weeks, so I’ve outlined five milestones to insure the project is heading towards success, but also so I can reflect on the experience along the way. Part of my deliverables is a short blog post of around 250 words, explaining the process to myself and anyone who will listen.

Like you.

Right? Right.