Paul Vosper: Technical Artist

Note: Part 2/5 in a series documenting my work for a Django project in the Spring of 2017. This was part of the final class for the UW Certificate in Python. All files (including these blog posts) are on GitHub.
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2: On Top of the Known Knowns

Known Knowns are tasks that you know you’re going to need to do and you know how to do them. For me, this has meant running through the Django tutorials again, taking the time to better understand how everything works. My grasp of Django is now much better - though still tenuous - and I have a working ‘sketch’ of the web site.

Working through the Known Knowns still means time spent reading, learning, practicing and simply assimilating what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.

The most frustrating part is that as an inexperienced coder it’s often hard to see what action I need to take next. It's easy to see what is not done, but it often takes significant chunks of time to figure out what parts I can fill in on my own.

Next up are the Known Unknowns - tasks I know need to be done, but I’m not sure how to do them. I’m hoping the work I have completed will inform what I need to do, but inevitably there will be gaps. I’m excited about this phase, as I’ll be spending less time copying examples and more time writing my own code.

After that, it’s into the depths of the Unknown Unknowns: both tasks that I know how to do but didn’t know they needed doing and - undoubtedly - a bunch of tasks I have no idea how to do, didn’t know that I needed to do them but that are still critical for finishing the project.

Which is the really fun part.

Right? Right.