Paul Vosper: Technical Artist

Note: Part 3/5 in a series documenting my work for a Django project in the Spring of 2017. This was part of the final class for the UW Certificate in Python. All files (including these blog posts) are on GitHub.
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3: Leap of Faith

At long last I am leaving the tutorials behind. I’m no longer trying to code as if from a cookbook, but have taken that Leap of Faith where it’s no longer someone else’s project but my own. I’m still attempting to recreate what others have done, but now I’m focused on my own expectations rather than fulfilling the expectations of others. Now the Project has become The Text, which not only provides the questions but often the answers as well.

My overall pace has slowed considerably, despite spending more time in more frequent sessions. I am often overwhelmed by facing too many things that I don’t understand. I have to remind myself that learning takes time and doesn’t always feel like ‘Progress’. I’m working as fast as I can absorb and comprehend, rather than being driven by the timing and structure of the lessons.

It’s humbling knowing that everything I am learning was first discovered by others - and, that the ‘discoveries’ I am having have been learned by thousands of students before me.

As I move from ‘this is how I think this might work’ to ‘this is how it actually works’ I feel a sense of elation - and relief. My illusions dissolve and there is a sense that while I am not a Master in any way, I believe I have the means of taming this beast.

Right? Right.