Paul Vosper: Technical Artist

System of Learning and Practice

This is more about intentional practice than productivity - my goal is doing fewer things that make me unhappy, rather than getting more things done.


  • Ink on paper is important to me
  • There should be spatial context on multiple axis
  • There is a consistent, trusted framework
  • There is an expectation of my interacting with the system, to create new entries but also moderate pages and their relationships
  • The Process is part of the appeal
  • It must be self contained and portable (including pen)
  • It must support loose paper from non-standard sources

Notebook: Undisciplined Paper

Random thoughts to be processed later… Maybe. No entry too small or mundane the more the better! Occasionally indexed.

Currently using: ZEQUENZ 360 Notebook

A5 Slipbox: Disciplined Paper

A5 Slip Box. Premeditated. Active sheets are loose in a folder, archived sheets in a binder. Obsessively indexed and reviewed.

Each Slipbox page:

  • Represents an idea or event
  • Written in complete sentances
  • Intended as reference
  • Not every day but 16-20/Month
  • Writing, drawing, scraps... anything readable
  • “Body” (the critical bits) live in an A7 window at the center of the page
  • Marginalia surrounds the body in an A6 space
  • Footnotes go anywhere they fit
  • Links ‐ or at least enough string to find the source again ‐ at bottom
  • Tablet: Undisciplined Digital

    Random and/or research of external sources with low/no return on time ‐ “wasting time”. Gathering info and thoughts.

    Laptop: Disciplined Digital

    Organized Sounds, Words and Images for publication/release into the outside/wild world. Structure is it’s own project/object



    The Key to My Creativity Is This Weird Note-Taking System